How did you come up with the name?

It was a natural – little things, big flavors.  Apart from special orders, all of our retail products are individual, meant to be eaten by hand, and have big, bold flavors.

What makes your doughnuts so different?

Many people have described our doughnuts as reminding them of their grandmother’s, or of their childhood.  We make them fresh every day, starting with a “preferment” of flour and water, that lends additional flavor characteristics to the doughnut, along with a little bit of a crust, an open crumb and extended shelf life.

What’s with that thing on top of the doughnut?

It’s the hole.  We didn’t know what to do with it, so we set it on top.

What time do you start each day?

Anywhere from 1am to 3am, depending on the day of the week/holiday.

How can you be a good baker when you’re so thin?

See what time do you start above…

Why don’t you make CnD’s anymore?

The “cronut” fad saw it’s day, and demand waned.  We still make them by special order, with one day’s notice, 6 minimum, and they ARE delicious.

What else do you have; do you have sandwiches?  Although we have developed a huge rep for them, we are not a doughnut shop, in fact doughnuts make up only about 25% of our daily selections.  Our primary category is hand pies; our alternative to the sandwich.  We make killer croissants, Danish — all types of breakfast pastries, as well as cookies, bars, individual fruit pies and turnovers, and specialty products as we feel inspired.  *Update: we are now offering crispy fried chicken sandwiches, and they are quickly becoming our #1 seller.

GF and/or Vegan products?  We do have a few gluten-free products, simply because we love the recipes, but we are not a GF bakery. Our #1 seller is our GF egg pie, which is an individual quiche, but with a potato crust.  We do not offer any Vegan products.

Do you deliver?  Do you ship?

Yes to both:  delivery with a nominal charge; shipping is two-day, unless otherwise specified.

Do you cater?

Catering is becoming a large part of our business, both to individual customers for their special celebrations, and to businesses for breakfast and/or lunch meetings.

Is this the entrance?

It’s a weird experience for some to feel like they are walking right into our kitchen, but Yes, the entrance is the door with the large “Welcome” written on it.  We wanted our space to be a participatory one, where you do feel as though you’re walking into our kitchen.  We hold many conversations with customers while we’re working at the bench.

Have you really read all these books?  Pretty much.  We have many here at the shop, and many more at home and in storage.  These are our favorites, and they still inspire us.